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Dr. Marc Goldstein Named 2016 Distinguished Surgeon

Dr. Marc Goldstein Named 2016 Distinguished Surgeon

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Dr. Marc Goldstein, the director of the Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery, has been awarded the 2016 Distinguished Surgeon Award from the Society of Reproductive Surgeons.

The award recognizes Dr. Goldstein’s academic, clinical and research achievements in reproductive medicine, as well as his contributions to the field, according to the professional organization, which is part of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. 

The SRS executive committee, which selects the recipient each year, voted unanimously for Dr. Goldstein, the organization said.

“For years, his constant demand of perfection in clinical assessment, management and surgical techniques has been an inspiration to all specialists in the field of reproductive medicine,” said Dr. Peter Chan, the 2015-2016 SRS President. 

Dr. Goldstein, who is also the Matthew P. Hardy Distinguished Professor of Reproductive Medicine, is known around the world for his pioneering work in vasectomy reversals and microsurgical repair of varicoceles and blockages. He is also the first Western doctor to be trained in and perform no-scalpel vasectomy, a minimally invasive procedure that was developed in China in the 1970s. 

Dr. Goldstein has also been published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks, authoring or co-authoring more than 290 articles and book chapters. Numerous major media outlets — including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Newsweek, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal — have also interviewed Dr. Goldstein for segments and articles regarding vasectomies and fertility issues.

His dedication to the profession goes beyond the exam room and the lab. In 1984, Dr. Goldstein established a fellowship focusing on male infertility at Weill Cornell Medicine, one of the first of its kind in the country. Since then, he has helped train generations of reproductive urologists.

“I just love all three,” said Dr. Goldstein. “I love teaching, I love doing research and I love treating patients.”

The SRS will formally recognize Dr. Goldstein and his achievements during the 72nd American Society for Reproductive Medicine Scientific Congress and Expo in Salt Lake City. The event runs from October 15-19.

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