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Dr. Philip S. Li received the 2017 Chinese Distinguished Contributions & Services Award of Reproductive Health and Men’s Health in China

Dr. Philip S. Li received the 2017 Chinese Distinguished Contributions & Services Award of Reproductive Health and Men’s Health in China

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Please join us in congratulating Dr. Philip S. Li for receiving the 2017 Chinese Distinguished Contributions & Services Award of Men's Health at the 2017 National meetings of Chinese Andrology and Sexual Medicine in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, on October 14, 2017.

Dr. Li was honored for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of male infertility microsurgical research and international training. Since 2004, he has mentored and trained more than 40 Chinese professors, male infertility specialists and physician-scientists from most of the top universities in China. He chairs the Cornell-China Circle, which consists of a group of 62 highly respected urology and andrology leaders in China. His contributions to the fields of urology, male infertility microsurgery and men's health, as well as public health with the ShangRing male circumcision clinical trials in Africa, are well recognized and respected by professional colleagues and medical communities worldwide.

This prestigious award was presented by the Chinese Society of Andrology of the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Association of Sexual Medicine, China Health News, China Life Times, China Health Times, Institute for the Chinese Andrology Training and Male Reproductive Medicine Branch of Dr. Wu, JePing Medical Foundation. ( A YouTube video of this award presentation in China can be reviewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrsR8netJtQ ; English subtitles are available via YouTube CC feature).

Dr. Li is a Professor of Urology, and Reproductive Medicine in Research at Weill Cornell Medicine, Department of Urology. He is also Director of the Male Infertility Microsurgical Research and Training Program at the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery, Department of Urology, Cornell Institute for Reproductive Medicine, at Weill Cornell Medicine. Dr. Li is well known as a leader for his pioneering research regarding male infertility microsurgical techniques, clinical trials of the no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) and the ShangRing male circumcision in Africa and China.

Dr. Li's current research focuses on improving male infertility microsurgical techniques, HIV prevention with ShangRing male circumcision, and no-scalpel vasectomy surgical techniques. Dr. Li also teaches these surgical procedures around the world.

To learn more about Dr. Li's work, please visit his physician profile page.

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