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Kidney Health

Your kidneys are small but mighty organs that play an essential role in keeping you healthy. Kidney health includes the study and treatment of stone disease, as well as the use of minimally invasive surgery and its applications within the genitourinary system.

What Do the Kidneys Do?

Among other functions, kidneys:

  • Remove waste from your blood after digestion and exposure to chemicals
  • Balance water and minerals like sodium and potassium in your blood
  • Produce a substance (renin) that helps your body manage blood pressure
  • Make a form of Vitamin D essential for bone health

What Causes Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease is caused by the lack of blood flow to the kidneys, direct damage to the kidneys, and urine backing up into the kidneys which can cause acute or chronic kidney disease. These problems can happen as a result of a traumatic injury, severe dehydration, a sepsis infection, long standing blockage from an enlarged prostate, complications during pregnancy (eclampsia and pre-eclampsia), or certain drugs or toxins.

In the U.S., the two main causes of kidney failure are type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Another common cause is glomerulonephritis, which damages the filtering units of the kidneys, called glomeruli. The cause of glomerulonephritis is unknown—it may be inherited or triggered by an infection.

Another common problem is that of kidney stones, which form when your urine is unable to dilute crystal-forming substances such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid. There are several different types of kidney stones, and the type helps determine the cause.

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Who Is at Increased Risk for Kidney Disease?

  • Anyone with high blood pressure
  • Anyone with diabetes
  • Anyone who is obese (body mass index over 30)
  • Anyone with a family history of kidney failure
  • Anyone age 60 and older

Take Control of Your Kidney Health

Our phsyicians are here to help you understand the causes kidney conditions, types of problems they may cause, and options for nonsurgical as well as surgical management. When surgery is necessary, our expert kidney doctors are proud to provide minimally invasive surgical techniques, including laparoscopy and robotic surgery.

Would you like an appointment?

Please call our office at 646-962-9600 to schedule an appointment via phone. Our phone staff are available to help you Monday-Friday, from 9AM-5PM (EST).

If you'd like to learn more about each of our providers that specialize in Kidney Health, please review the Physicians & Faculty profiles listed at the bottom of this page.

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Physicians & Faculty

Dr. Joseph Del Pizzo, M.D.

Joseph J. Del Pizzo


(646) 962-9600
(646) 962-9600
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(646) 962-9600
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