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Why Men Won’t Go to the Doctor, and How to Change That

Men are notoriously bad at being patients. Compared to women they avoid going to the doctor, skip more recommended screenings and practice riskier behavior.

Dr. James Kashanian of Weill Cornell Urology provides insight on how to help change this. (via The Wall Street Journal)

WCM Urology at the 2019 AUA Conference in Chicago, IL

Faculty members from Weill Cornell Medicine's Department of Urology will be presenting abstracts, leading plenary sessions, moderating podium/poster/video sessions, and teaching courses at the upcoming 2019 American Urological Association Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, the largest scientific meeting in the world that reflects the most important advances in the field. The Department's faculty members, fellows, and residents attend the meeting to give courses, allow hands-on insight to...

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Dear Doctor: Dr. Tanaka Dune

"It’s always been natural for me to talk to people about their health and break it down in a way that’s understandable... Becoming a urogynecologist was the best thing I ever did in my life ." - Weill Cornell Urology's Dr. Tanaka Dune is highlighted in this feature on Medium.

Dr. Tanaka Dune Receives 2019 Distinguished Community Service and Leadership Award

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Tanaka Dune on her receipt of Weill Cornell Medicine's 2019 Distinguished Community Service and Leadership Award! On March 20, 2019, Dr. Dune was recognized for her distinguished community service and leadership within NYC and the Weill Cornell Medicine community. 

Some of Dr. Dune's accomplishments in community engagement include Weill Cornell Medicine wellness seminars, and...

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Dr. Dolores Lamb Honored With Two Prestigious Mentoring Awards

Ten doctoral students, 17 post-doctoral fellows and nearly 100 clinical research fellows: These are all of the people that Dr. Dolores Lamb, who was recruited to Weill Cornell Medicine from Baylor...

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Dr. Kashanian discusses male infertility in TIME Magazine article

"Couples used to assume the problem was with the woman... 'Now, physicians, patients and couples are more aware of this male factor,'" - Dr. James Kashanian of Weill Cornell Urology is featured in TIME Magazine for commentary on male infertility, as part of their coverage of one patient's experience with infertility.

You can read the full article here by visiting TIME's website.


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Dr. Schlegel Featured on Practice Update regarding Diet and Men's Fertility

Is there a link between diet and male fertility? Dr. Peter Schlegel was featured on Practice Update for expert commentary, discussing what research has suggested about how food and lifestyle choices can impact sperm production and quality:

You can read his commentary here: https://www.practiceupdate.com/content/2018-top-stories-in-urology-diet...

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Dr. Schlegel Featured in National Geographic Male Fertility Segment

Dr. Peter Schlegel, Chairman of Weill Cornell Medicine Urology, was featured on a National Geographic segment regarding male fertility.

In this clip, Dr. Schlegel discusses average sperm counts for men currently, and how this figure may have changed in recent decades. Dr. Schlegel's lab analyzes a semen sample from a patient, to show the appearance and quantity of sperm in the patient's sample.

You can view this segment by...

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NYAM presents Valentine Fellowship Awards to Dr. Hayden and Dr. Reifsnyder

We're excited to share that The New York Academy of Medicine has awarded the prestigious 2018-2019 Ferdinand C. Valentine Fellowship Award for Research in Urology to Russell Hayden, MD (current fellow at WCM Urology) and Jennifer Reifsnyder, MD (graduate of NYPH-Cornell Urology Residency Program).

Dr. Russell Hayden is currently a fellow in WCM Urology's Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Fellowship program, studying under the direction of...

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Dr. Chughtai - Is It Bad If I Have to Pee Roughly a Million Times A Day?

Dr. Bilal Chughtai was featured on The Cut for expert commentary on many common questions that people experiencing urinary frequency symptoms may have.

"The first thing that is always helpful to me and that I have patients do is have them keep a bladder diary," says Chughtai. "I want to see how much you're drinking versus how much is coming out. If someone is drinking a gallon a day and they go to the bathroom ten times a day, that's normal. If someone who isn't...

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