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Recent WCM Urology Medical Publications

Recent WCM Urology Medical Publications

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Weill Cornell Medicine Urology

Thus far in 2017, faculty members in Weill Cornell Medicine's Department of Urology have been actively working on academic medical publications for many subspecialties in Urology. These projects include co-authoring and editorial credits for books and book chapters covering topics such as urogynecology & bladder health, urologic oncology & prostate/bladder surgery, male infertility & vasectomy procedures as well as alternative therapies for urologic disorders. Our faculty are recognized internationally and nationally as leaders in their respective fields and are committed to the global advancement of urologic health knowledge, promoting a higher standard of care through contribution to these publications.

You can read more about our faculty members' recent literary works in the following links:

"Surgical Treatment: Outlet Reduction, Men and Women"
B Chughtai, D Thomas, A Te, S Kaplan.
In Underactive Bladder
CR Chapple, A Wein, NI Osman, (eds.) 
Springer International, 2017.

"Retropubic Prostatectomy"
B Chughtai, S Kaplan.
"Testis-Sparing Surgery for Benign and Malignant Tumors."
C Tanrikut, M Goldstein.
In Hinman’s Atlas of Urologic Surgery
J Smith, S Howards, G Preminger, R Dmochowski.
Elsevier, 2016

Clinical Guidebook to Herbal and Alternative Therapies in Urology
B Chughtai, G Espinosa, A Stein. 
World Scientific Publishing Company Pte Limited, 2016.

"Laparoscopic and Robotic Approaches to Apical and Vaginal Vault Suspensions."
VV Patel, PJ Culligan.
Textbook of Female Urology & Urogynecology. 4th ed.
L Cardozo, D Staskin.
CRC Press, 2016

"No-Scalpel Vasectomy."
KA Chiles, M Goldstein.
In Atlas of Office-Based Andrology Procedures
JP Mulhall, LC Jenkins, (eds.)
Springer International, 2016

"Understanding the Market Forces and Opportunity Costs of Robotic Surgery."
AA Laviana, JC Hu.
In Perioperative Management in Robotic Surgery
A Kaye, R Urman, (eds.)
Cambridge University Press, 2017

“Assessing Testicular Reserve in the Male Oncology Patient” 
JA Kashanian, RE Brannigan.
In Pediatric and Adolescent Oncofertility: Best Practices and Emerging Technologies
TK Woodruff, YC Gosiengfiao, (eds.)
Springer International, 2017

Z Li, PS Li
Book Translation (Chinese)
Surgical and Medical Management of Male Infertility
M GoldsteinPN Schlegel, (eds.)
Cambridge University Press, 2017

"Robotic-Assisted Radical and Partial Cystectomy"
DM Golombos, P O'Malley, G WangDS Scherr.
In Atlas of Robotic Urologic Surgery, 2nd Edition
L-S Su, (ed.)
Springer International, 2017

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