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Tips to Prepare for a Successful Video Visit

Tips to Prepare for a Successful Video Visit

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Video Visit Instructional Guide 

Weill Cornell Medicine Video Visits

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Support for your Video Visit:

If you need to make a change to your visit, please contact your physician.

Your Video Visit will be just like a visit to our office. It provides for a quiet, private time. It is best to arrange a distraction free environment. See below to learn how to make the best of your visit.

Before Your Visit, Ensure Your Equipment Is Working:

  • For Smartphones, check your camera and microphone and know how to operate it so the camera and screen is facing you. It's commonly referred to as "Selfie Mode"
  • Verify your speakers, microphone and camera are functioning
  • Verify that your volume is turned up so you can hear during the visit
  • Check that your battery is sufficiently charged if you are using a SmartPhone
  • Close all other applications/apps. This will improve the video quality and reduce battery consumption
  • Use your smartphone on a WiFi network to improve the video and audio quality
  • If you are unfamiliar with your equipment, ask a family member or friend to assist you
Prepare Your Space:

Choose a quiet, private, well-lit room for the visit. You'll be reviewing personal medical information, so make sure you have privacy for the visit

  • Avoid having your back to a bright window or other distracting backgrounds, and avoid backlighting – it'll make your image look dark
  • If available, use a mobile phone stand on a solid surface. It's best to have the stand set so the phone is at eye level. Avoid moving the phone or camera during the visit unless the physician/nurse practitioner needs you to
  • Check your browser requirements
    • Only smartphones and iPads can be used. No computers or laptops can be used
    • Mobile Phone/Tablet:
  1. Apple iOS – Safari 11+
  2. Android – Chrome
Limit Distractions
  • Turn off other devices that may cause distractions during the visit such as TV's, radios or household appliances
  • If you have family members or guests in the house with you, ask them in advance to limit conversation during your visit
  • If you have pets, they are welcome to your visit too! Dogs tend to bark when their loving human is out of sight; feel free to have them join you if needed to lower their anxiety. You know your furry friend best!
  • Consider using a headset during the visit so you and your physician can easily hear one another
  • Set your phone to silent and if possible, turn off other application notifications

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